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FIS ST, SMA or FDDI Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator


The dB attenuation value of a specific fiber optic washer-type attenuator cannot be determined based on the thickness or color of the attenuator alone. Several factors will dictate actual loss, including operating wavelength as shown in the chart. To install a washer style attenuator, you simply place them within mated connectors, typically at the light source. The attenuator creates space between the connector endfaces, which results in attenuation. Washer Attenuators are also great for use in the classroom to demonstrate the effects of attenuation on a fiber optic system When choosing one style of attenuator over another, considerations include attenuation and wavelength range the attenuator, as well as resolution and polarization dependent loss (PDL). Another consideration is the level of back reflection that may be produced by a particular type of attenuator. Our technical support staff can help you determine which type of attenuator is suitable for your specific application. We offer many attenuator styles, including In-Line Fixed, Clip-On Variable, Collimator Variable, 3-Step, and Air-Gap Variable Attenuators.

Product Number Description
A40D20B SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Blue
A40D20G SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Gold
A40D20GR SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Green
A40D20R SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Red
A40D20S SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Sliver
A40DFIS SMA Fiber Optic Attenuators Attenuators 5 color
A45020B ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator Blue
A45020G ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator Gold
A45020GR ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator Green
A45020R ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator Red
A45020S ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator Silver
A450FDDI FDDI Fiber Optic Washer Attenuator 5 color
A450FIS ST Fiber Optic Washer Attenuators 5 color

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